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Top Notch Lathrop Drain Cleaning

a cleared drain done by our Lathrop drain cleaning teamDrain cleaning is one thing we just can't avoid. Every day, we get dozens of calls requesting our Lathrop drain cleaning services. Clogged drains aren't just a nuisance, but they can quickly lead to extensive water damage and costly repairs. A clogged drain can back up into your home, and if it happens while you're at work, that means you've got standing water (from your sewer line, at that) in your home for 8 hours or more. Long story short, you should have a professional drain cleaner in Lathrop remove your clog the moment you realize the clog is present.

Video Camera Inspections

our plumbers are using the Ridgid drain snakeWe have professional-grade video camera equipment that allows us to explore your drain and pinpoint the exact location of your drain clog. Through our cameras, we can also spot any leaks, tree roots, or other potential obstructions in your sewer line, removing or repairing them before they get out of control.

Signs of a Clogged Drain

Alright, so we've scared you into getting your drain clogs fixed ASAP – but how do you know when you've got a clogged drain? Here are a few signs that your drains are in need of cleaning:

  • Slow draining or standing water. If your shower, tub, or sinks are draining at a slower rate than normal, you should try cleaning out the drain yourself first. If that doesn't help, call in the pros.
  • Multiple drains back up at once. Multiple drains backing up at once can be a sign of a main sewer line clog, which will definitely require the help of an expert drain cleaning service.
  • Gurgling and strange noises. A drain that is fully or partially blocked will typically gurgle and bubble. Sometimes, you might even hear these noises in your kitchen sink when you flush the toilet or run the bathroom faucet.
  • Bad smells. A drain clog frequently results in foul odors, since food scraps and other debris build up in the drain and begin to decompose.
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